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Blackkiss is a desert born movement, raised from the ashes of all the bridges burned. Fronted by the fearless Pete Sands, a Navajo drifter with songs.

BLACKKISS music into films ... 

Hell there, I know I haven't been keeping up on my website updates as much as I should. But there are so many things going on right now. BLACKKISS has gotten the opportunity to have our music featured in some upcoming films and a TV series on the newly revamped Paramount Network. 

BLACKKISS testing new waters... 

Hey there Drifters, Pete here with some BLACKKISS news and some updates on current events. As many of you probably knew, BLACKKISS was nominated at this years NAMMY awards in the "Best New Artist" category. Unfortunately, though I did not win, but don't let that fool ya...I won't give up. Altogether, it was an overall tremendous experience to attend such a prestigious awards show and meet so many talented people in the indigenous musical world. 

Just recently I had the opportunity to perform at the FNX TV studios in San Bernardino, CA, for their annual appreciation gala to the San Manuel Tribe. It was a tremendous event with some powerful speeches from some highly influential people. FNX and their sister station KVCR (A PBS affiliate) also interviewed myself for an NPR segment talking about BLACKKISS and how it all began. 

We were also fortunate enough to perform at the State Room in Salt Lake City to open for the talented HoneyHoney. This was the third straight sold out show for us at the State Room and I am so thankful for them and what they have done for us. 

Now we are heading into the winter season with some high profile shows and BLACKKISS has two huge gigs coming up. First, we shall be playing at the 2016 Indigenous Comic Con in Albuquerque, NM, filled with so many talented artists. Secondly, I shall be playing at the 2016 LASkins Film Fest at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA. We have another huge gig in the works, but I want to wait until it's set in stone before I make that announcement. 

Other than that that's all I got for now. Thanks for the support as always and I shall strive to give you all the best I can at every show and appearance. 


Pete Sands (aka BLACKKISS)

Native American Music Awards - BLACKKISS  

I am very happy and grateful to announce that BLACKKISS has been nominated for our very first ever Native American Music Award aka the NAMMY's. I have been selected under the category "Best New Artist", which sounds a little surprising because I have been around playing music for several years. Although, its only until recently that I have began to rise in popularity after years of hard work and playing endless shows. It took years to get this far and to be completely honest I almost gave up on the dream a few times, but it was due to those close to me and the fans that kept me from throwing in the towel. The nomination alone is more than enough to show that what I am doing here is meaningful not only to myself, but to the fans who helped me grow. Thank you for coming to all the shows buying tickets and merchandise to keep me going on the road. Huge thanks to all the musicians who have performed with me at all the shows I have played thus far because you chose to stand with me knowing that BLACKKISS was a risky investment of your time and skills. Endless thanks to the people who first came to my shows and supported me by coming to every show. Last, but not least, and I can never repay them enough for the belief and faith they have in me, my brothers. My brothers followed me without question and never gave up on me through this rocky path, I will always love you guys and I can never ask for any better people to have my back then you guys. And huge thanks to my mother for bringing me into this life, without my mom all this would have never happened. Wish me luck and please vote for BLACKKISS to win the "Best New Artist" award. Vote here: NAMMY Awards

Pete Sands 

The Akademia Music Awards 

Two months ago I was contacted through the BLACKKISS facebook page by a radio DJ from Los Angeles. He told me that he really liked the song "Riding Free" and he strongly suggested that I consider submitting the song to the Akademia Music Awards based in LA. I was a bit reluctant, but after some counseling from those close to me I submitted the song. And long behold three weeks ago I got notification via email that my song "Riding Free" had won in their Best Americana/Country Song category. 

I must admit, it knocked the air out of me. I never thought, in my wildest dreams that I would win an award from such a highly contested awards competition. Nonetheless, I had won and I had to deal with it. I was a little scared, but it was a good kind of scared. Success and recognition still make me feel uneasy because I am my worst critic. So I had to convince myself that this was real and it couldn't be taken away from me. 

So I accepted the invite to attend the Akademia Awards Gala in Los Angeles on the night of April 21. I am coming LA, I've had such a great relationship with you and this only makes this move along a lot smoother. Let's make it a night to remember....

Blackkiss in Johnny Cash's Shadow... 

Blackkiss frontman Pete Sands has been making moves of lately in the Los Angeles area, and after the successful second tour through Southern California we are making waves. We have been booked at the legendary Viper Room, which was once owned by Johnny Depp, Blackkiss  is stoked. Blackkiss is heavily influenced by the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, and to play on the same stage as he played before is absolutely mind blowing. After Rick Rubin signed Johnny to his American Recordings label his first show back was at the Viper Room. So Dec 1 is a huge deal for me, and I hope you can make time in your schedule to come out be a part of history...

Eye's wide open... 

The Blackkiss website has finally found its legs and is standing up like a colt just born trying to walk. I am very excited to have finally opened the very first Blackkiss website dedicated to music and the mystery of the man, Pete Sands. 

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Previous events


Blackkiss Live @ The Adobe Bar

The Adobe Bar, 125 Paseo del Pueblo, Taos, NM

BLACKKISS will be heading into my first ever show in Taos, NM. Many thanks to the Adobe Bar for hosting the Dark Country sanger. I shall be playing from 4-5:30pm.

Come on by and enjoy yourself some damn good old school country tunes.


Darklord feat. Blackkiss @ The Heavy Metal Shop

The Heavy Metal Shop, 63 E. Exchange Plaza, Salt Lake City, UT

Blackkiss frontman Pete Sands is going to be performing at the Heavy Metal Shop on his birthday. So come on out and enjoy some killer tunes, with the new lineup.

Blackkiss shall be opening for the legendary Darklord!!!! Getcha Pull, brothers and sisters!!!!...And its a free show!!!


Blackkiss @ The Viper Room

The Viper Room , 8852 W Hollywood Blvd., West Hollywood, CA

Surge Events presents Blackkiss at the legendary Viper Room. The Navajo Drifter with songs known as Blackkiss is slotted to play at this legendary establishment.

Blackkiss is heavily influenced by the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, and to be asked to play the same stage as the man as played is going to be historical.

Blackkiss is set to take the stage at 11pm. Buy your tickets at the Box office or at www.viperroom.com or just call the place and tell them you want to be there that night for this show!!!!